Learning From Europa : discovering and sharing creation processes in design and architecture fields throughout Europe.

What differences are there between the views of  Western European countries, already well established in these fields of creation, and  Eastern European countries , still rarely featured, despite the ever-changing nature of their practices?

Have Europe, and more particularly the European Union with initiatives such as the Erasmus program, pushed towards uniformity in design approaches or, conversely, towards a sharing and multi-cultural wealth and vitality? Travelling and meeting architects and designers throughout Europe, in order to interview them about their innovative approach and practices, will allow us to bring some answers to those questions.

Our goal : to share a new outlook.

Asking questions to professionals on their way of thinking their jobs nowadays and for the future.

Measuring the influence of the political/economic/social/cultural context on their practice.

Witnessing the diversity of European creative approaches.

Making accessible and visible a panorama of current architectural practices in Europe.

Meeting architects and designers in their agencies in Europe.

Travelling to some twenty countries, we will go to agencies we contacted in advance to speak to creative professionals about their vision of their own profession and, through it, of society. How does this context affect the way they work? How architects and designers can have an impact on our evolving society?

Spatial design professions are professions of adaptation, sometimes of compromises, sometimes activist, but always in response to the many external factors, economic, cultural, political, climatic…

Europe represent an overall context, familiar and close to us. However, it is composed of multiple local contexts, national or regional, many of which seem yet misunderstood and distant from us. Inviting professionals to resonate their practice with the context in which they operate, allows us to observe changes in these multifaceted professions.
This diversity creates different ways of conceiving from one country to another, which are as many sources of inspiration for the young creative generation to whom Learning From Europa is addressed.


1 journey,
1 website,
1 book,
1 exhibition,

— A website to showcase the project, its motivations and its goal.
— A book that we want to write in a longer term perspective.
— An exhibition which will present the whole project and its findings (interviews, reports, meetings will enable us to recount our experience)

Lectures at art, design and architecture schools, public venues or events related to those professions (design or architecture festivals, weeks, fairs or institutions… which may be interested)
> in short, meeting the public and create some impact on this professional environment through our project.


Lyon, France

Milan, Italie

Ljubljana, Slovénie

Zagreb, Croatie


Skopje, Macédoine (ARYM)

Thessalonique, Grèce

Istanbul, Turquie

Sofia, Bulgarie

Bucharest, Bucarest, Roumanie

Budapest, Hongrie

Vienne, Autriche

Prague, République tchèque

Cracovie, Pologne

Vilnius, Apskritis de Vilnius, Lituanie

Riga, Rīgas pilsēta, Lettonie

Tallinn, Tallinna linn, Estonie

Helsinki, Finlande

Stockholm, Suède

Copenhague, Danemark

Berlin, Allemagne

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Londres, Royaume-Uni

Bruxelles, Belgique

Paris, France

Lyon, France

Porto, Portugal

Madrid, Espagne

Lyon, France

Paris > Lyon > Milan > Ljubljana > Zagreb > Belgrade > Skopje > Thessaloniki > Istanbul > Sofia > Bucharest > Budapest > Vienna > Prague > Krakow > Vilnius > Riga > Tallinn > Helsinki > Stockholm > Copenhagen > Berlin > Brussel > Amsterdam > London > Madrid > Porto


We are Maïlys Gangloff and Johan Soubise, two spatial designers based in Lyon, France.

We met during our studies in ESAA-La Martinière-Diderot design school. In 2015, we created the project Learning From Europa and we went on the roads of the continent the year after.  

We have chosen to interview architects AND designers because we are working at the crossroads of these two fields. The main idea is to meet people who work with spatial concepts/notions. For example, we could choose a designer who design exhibitions and for whom product design is the core of work. We could be also interested by architects whose practice includes furnitures as well as public building.

This small scale, which means interior design/ exhibition design/ micro-installations, is one of the common points between architects and designers.

Deeply Europhiles

We are from the Erasmus/Easy Jet generation : each capital city is not so far from Paris-Lyon, around 2-3 hours by plane. Our generation have friends in many cities, Berlin, London, Athens, Istanbul, Bucharest, Praha. The whole continent has never been this close to us!

We wish to embody a European ideal through this project. We believe in Europe with free circulation of people, ideas and goods. We embrace this cultural richness and we try to show you everything that we could learn from our european neighbors. From here comes the name Learning From Europa.