Vienna (Austria) — 17/02/2017

Interview Mark Neuner, Mostlikely, Vienna.

Interviewed by Maïlys Gangloff & Johan Soubise for Learning From Europa, on 17th February 2017 in Vienna.

“MOSTLIKELY” evokes the versatility of the studio’s activities. Founded by five friends, this Viennese agency explore the boundaries between the design disciplines since 2012. Their projects vary from buildings to art installations as well as from videos to product designs. They pay particular attention to how they practice their profession, and to the impact that this may have on their city and its inhabitants. How can everybody gain access to an architect’s expertise at a lower cost? How to increase people’s awareness about urban planning and architecture strategies? How to involve them in design processes? All these questions are the central point of their thoughts, Mark Neuner tells us more and presents the tools and methods developed to answer them.