Nuca Studio

Bucarest (Romania) — 05/07/2016

Interview Robert Marin, NUCA Studio, Bucharest.

Interviewed by Maïlys Gangloff & Johan Soubise for Learning From Europa, on 5th July 2016 in Bucharest.

Robert Marin finished school in 2000. Back then, there wasn’t much interesting architecture work in Bucharest. He started working in a company that used to make architecture and stage design in 1998, as he was in his third year. He ended up on the stage design sector of the company, putting him very close to the finished product, and allowing him to be involved in the whole process, from design to construction. He completed his knowledge and gained confidence through this experience including graphics, set design and advertising.

He started his first company in 2001. First of all, he tried to do comics and then ended up doing what he already knew, which means temporary architecture, graphics and advertising. He actually ended up by designing houses for clients for which he already worked before. So he went to architecture in a very good way, because of the trusty relationship between the client and the provider. In 2008, he founded his current company and he works since then under NUCA Studio.

He told us how much he was marked by the opening of Romania to the rest of Europe, and how it still impacts his way of doing architecture.