Studio Albori

Milan (Italie) — 04/06/2016

Interview Giacomo Borella, Studio Albori, Milan.

Interviewed by Maïlys Gangloff & Johan Soubise for Learning From Europa, on 4th June 2016 in Milan.

Our meeting with Studio Albori is quite unique in our project. We were used to meet young offices, working since a dozen years at most. However, Giacomo Borella founded his small studio in 1993 with two friends, Emanuele Almagioni and Francesca Riva. They quickly became aware of the preponderance of environmental issues in construction, and began to explore topics such as the reuse of materials. Under the softened light of the office, Giacomo tells us their approach to the profession. A vision that is both sensitive and pragmatic, and above all very topical.